After working as a production/union worker for Anheuser Busch Houston Brewery for 22 years, Gregory Mata/Owner, decided to make a leap of faith and leave the company. He really wanted to be a servant and bring the community a sit down taqueria.

“I really wanted to be a servant and bring our community a sit down taqueria. I want to bring that taco/food truck feel to Kingwood. I like to see what I’m being served when I’m ordering tacos. That’s what a good taqueria provides. We also want people to feel like family when they come eat.”


Gregory, a native of Houston, moved to Kingwood in 2008. He and his family live in the local community. He remembers his mother making homemade tortillas for breakfast and dinner. He also remembers his mother cooking for family and friends when they would visit. Everyone would eat and feel like family when they would visit the Mata household.

Being that he is new to the restaurant industry, Gregory plans on starting with serving breakfast and lunch Monday-Saturday. He says it’s important to worship and rest on Sundays. Eventually Kingwood Taco Shop will serve more than just breakfast and lunch. They plan to serve dinner in the coming months but it will not only be tacos. You never know what they might be serving!

Welcome To Kingwood Taco Shop

Greg Mata
Greg Mata
We're excited to invite you to our new restaurant!
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